Self Sustainable

LYNAsia is also utilizing farming to invest in the future of the community's youth by sponsoring their tertiary or technical education.  Currently, the farm is not 100% self-sustainable; however, our goal is to have increased support from the farm to all of our current programs.

With the Isaan region being an agricultural region, we are committed to:

  • Use farming to offset food costs and provide healthy, nutritious food for children under our care.

  • To invest into our community by sharing food and new farming technologies.

  • To provide learning and training opportunities for youth in new farming technologies.


We also use farming to invest in the future of our youths in order to be able to sponsor their tertiary or technical education.

With the farm we produce to give and sustain multiple community programs. We are also able feed the kids at the Residential Program and the School program. Our goal is to become 100% self-sustainable by next year. 
The produce that doesn't go to our programs we sell, cheaper than the local market and better quality. We also sell them at a lower cost for extreme low income people as well as giving to the local schools.