Doing What's Needed

LYNAsia has established connections to local villagers in the Isaan region of Northeast Thailand.  By working and talking with them, we are better able to target critical individuals, which are usually woman with kids or some of the elderly. Love Your Neighbor Asia then works to understand and fulfill their specific needs, whether its reconstructing part of a house, creating a bathroom, or general repairs. These are just some of the many other projects we participate in. 

What makes LYNAsia’s approach different:


Many organizations help; however, very few actually empower the people they are helping.  At Love Your Neighbor Asia, we work WITH the referral but not FOR them.  After being selected, we begin building a relationship with the clients through an assessment process that includes discussing exactly how they will contribute; for instance, they can help by providing food for the volunteers, working or cleaning during the construction process, inviting or recruiting other family members to help, etc.  By working together and helping on their project, they have a sense of ownership, but more importantly, they realize that they did it with help and did not need charity.