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Statistics have shown there is a direct link between prostitution and sex trafficking. Thailand is known as one of the top countries feeding prostitution through sex trafficking. However, sex trafficking is only one facet of the vast amounts of trafficking that occur in Thailand.


One example can be found in the Isaan region, in Northeast Thailand, which is known to be the poorest of the country. The level of poverty is such that parents, in search of better financial opportunities, often leave kids with older family members who are incapable of providing care. The continual lack of financial and educational opportunities make it the kind of environment for parents to traffick their children.

LYNA's goal is to end the number of local kids being trafficked in Thailand, specifically, in the Isaan region. We will combat the vicious cycle occurring here through education and empowerment of the children and teenagers in our care as well as in the local community. This starts with prevention that targets multiple angles, at the deepest levels of the people, that will ultimately address their needs.

We believe that with a higher standard of living, providing good educational opportunities and individual guidance, human trafficking can be eliminated from the region. However, we cannot do it alone...we need YOUR HELP in this fight!


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"We don't believe in charity, we believe in collaboration." - Andres Velarde



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