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How we started...

In the beginning, LYNA started as an outreach program helping to transform the Isaan region in Thailand by working to cut out the major source to Thailand’s sex trafficking industry; the people themselves. We believed that the best way of prevention was through education and decided that funding kids for better schooling was the best approach.  However, after realizing the actual situation that some faced in their community, we realized this simply was not enough. We had to implement a more wholistic approach.

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Our Vision:

To see the children from rural areas, specifically the Isaan region in Thailand, have healthy, strong, stable family units, with access to quality education and generational income opportunities; thus, freeing them from the risk of being sex trafficked.


Our Mission:

To break the generational cycle that forces the youth to leave the village to work in the sex industry, which increases their chances of being sex trafficked.  Ultimately, we seek to accomplish our mission by providing a safe place in the community that shows the love of Jesus Christ in action through the wholistic development of the children. Our mission is to coach and mentor them to become strong leaders and role-models in their community.


Our Goals and Strategies:

  • Developing a culture of servant leadership.

  • Fostering an environment of innovation through exploration and embracing change.

  • Introducing sustainable development to support themselves and their families in a dignified way

  • Educate and empower children and teens, preparing them for a free and healthy future



Our Initiatives 


Residential Care:

To create a safe, physical space where children and youth can grow in their love and hope of Jesus Christ.  By teaching skills and caring for them in a nurturing "home" environment with quality education, they will be equipped with the necessary skills to lead in their community. Click here to know more about the residential program.


  • Deliver nutritious food for staff and students in the local school.

  • Create community resources that will support families in health and education by changing the economic paradigms facing them.

  • Provide a facility for a nurturing learning environment so children and youth have opportunities for:

a)  growth in the love and hope of Jesus Christ through our Summer break and Saturday programs.

b) education to change the economic hardships facing the community as well as training in leadership qualities.

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