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Tackling the Issue

LYNA houses high-risk children and teenagers. When a potential child is unable to stay in their home or when “home” is not a safe place, we offer permanent housing and take care of all needs such as: insurance, dental, transportation, school tuition, uniforms, food, etc.  This Love Your Neighbor Asia's program also includes:

  • Housing and a safe place to live and grow

  • Education in high quality schools

  • Food and nutritional dietary requirements

  • Health care including dentistry 

  • Clothing

  • Hygiene Products


The children are equipped with life skills through implicit teaching and positive reinforcement, so they can utilize these skills in the future. This will not only prepare them to make good choices and be kept out of the sex industry, but also to become leaders in their homes and communities.

We don’t run the program as an institution; it's a family; it's a home...their home, just like yours. 

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